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Helping Retirees Experience the Security and Comfort They Deserve

Close Your Eyes. Think About Your Ideal Retirement.

What does it look like? Are you spending quality time with grandchildren? Traveling the world? Volunteering?

Whatever you picture, you’re probably financially safe. After all, no one wants to spend their retirement—which, these days, can last as many as 20 or 30 years—struggling with money. These are the many ways we equip retirees, like you, to prepare for the road ahead.

During retirement, everything changes: from how you receive a paycheck to your daily routine. At Defining Legacy Financial Advisors, we want to help you handle these changes, including decisions about how to:

  • Leave your career
  • Keep taxes efficient during your peak earning years
  • Maximize your savings
  • Shift your portfolio from accumulation to distribution mode
We’re with you during the early years of retirement...

If you’re ready and willing, we’ll guide you through cutting ties with your career and standing on your own financially. We’ll discuss your expenses and how they may change as you find new ways to enjoy your time. We’ll also handle Social Security, Medicare and planning ahead for Required Minimum Distributions

...and we guide you through the later years.

Eventually, life slows down, and you’ll be focused on things such as spending time with family, staying active and remaining healthy. We can help you manage your healthcare costs and have candid discussions with your loved ones about your legacy wishes.

We'll also involve your family, if you’d like.

Your family plays a pivotal role in your retirement years, especially financially. Prepare them to be good stewards of your life savings, healthcare and carry out your final wishes. They can be incredibly helpful as you plan for your retirement and golden years. We welcome your family members to some of our meetings, including your adult children.

Can We Help You Navigate Retirement?