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Organizing Your Finances Through a Clear 3-Step Process

Our Approach

For over a decade, Matt Johnson, CFP®, has successfully used this approach to assist hundreds of clients.

We believe that financial planning is an iterative, collaborative process—not a one-off task.

With Defining Legacy Advisors, you won’t walk away with a lengthy financial book, and you won’t be left to implement confusing recommendations on your own.

Instead, you’ll get a hands-on approach, complete with practical recommendations you can implement right away.

We’ll consult with you frequently to review and adjust your financial plan. We will stick by your side throughout all seasons of life, helping you work through changes.

Your Path With Us:
Our 3-Step Process



We work hard to form long-lasting relationships with all of our clients, and that begins with understanding. During your initial consultation, we’ll ask you about your relationship with money and solidify specialized preliminary goals.;



Most people have a lot of financial stuff—bank accounts, investment accounts, insurance policies, debt statements, employer benefits, tax returns and estate documents. Together, we will organize everything and see the big picture, in order to recommend an action plan to address the most pressing issues first. Our plan helps you simplify and automate as much as possible, and it includes regular meetings to check in on your progress.



Life changes. Financial situations change. We understand that success requires adjustments over time. That’s why we meet with you regularly to evolve your plan as you grow. Additionally, we can meet in a way that’s most convenient for you—in person, on the phone or via video chat.

Ready to Take the First Step?